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INGEDISA continue working at home

We are committed to the health of our wonderful Ingedisa’s family and that of the entire country. For this reason, due to the current situation of COVID-19, in Ingedisa we continue working, this time from home

Tower of Peace

In order to transform the environment of areas affected by violence, INGEDISA designs a new power transmission tower in the form of Paloma de la Paz in Tolima.

Nueva Esperanza Museum, Soacha

As a result of the great archaeological discovery of Nueva Esperanza, both Codensa and EPM undertook the largest archaeological rescue carried out in Colombia, with the UT INGEDISA-ACON responsible for the rescue of the Codensa area.

We are in La Guajira

INGEDISA continues to face the new engineering challenges, this time with the development of detailed design and environmental studies of La Guajira Electric Reinforcement.